simple utility application that tracks blobs in a camera based image and sends information to the localhost on port 7737 via osc protocol.

sends localhost port 7737

blosc/num <i>  (num blobs in current frame)
blosc/data <i> <f> <f> <f>   (blob id, centroid x, centroid y, blob area)

' ' :  space in om 0 clears background to the current frame
'o' :  change om; 0=background check / 1=continuous difference
't/T': add/remove thresh val
'f/F': add/remove fade val
'i' :  toggle output image (still calcs and sends blobs information)

with / ofxOpenCv / ofxOsc

version / 0.1 / 20090119
a product

questions, comments, bugs, info
version / 0.1 / 20090119
download UB for mac (ppc + intel) <click>
download source <click>

more soon
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